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Current Initiatives

Algorand Foundation Speakers’ Series

A bi-annual series of workshops with law students, lawyers, and industry experts in the blockchain industry. These workshops have a global reach, and are offered both in-person and via webinar.

BL4SG Conference

The inaugural Algorand Foundation Blockchain Law for Social Good Conference.

Blockchain Education

Providing accessible education explaining the foundations of blockchain technology, its relationship to law, and its potential for social impact. Courses include: Blockchain Technology and the Law and (forthcoming) DeFi and the Law.

Corporate Trainings

Many business leaders are intrigued by blockchain technology but seek to learn more about its potential pitfalls and risks. The Center offers neutral, academic style trainings to organizations curious to learn more about blockchain’s application to their particular industries.

Educator Trainings

A first-of-its-kind program teaching community college professors, high school teachers, and other educators about blockchain technology’s potential for social good. The Educator Training program is a “train-the-trainer” program that also introduces a variety of pedagogical design tools related to blockchain education.

FFDW Blockchain Academy Lab

The program aims to prepare the next cohort of blockchain experts in legal education, who will communicate the benefits of open, decentralized technologies to future generations of law students.

FFDW International Affiliated Scholars

The program will conven scholars from around the world and offer our community a global outlook on laws and regulations governing blockchain technology.

FFDW Teaching Fellows

The Lab will use updated technology to host training programs, co-host events with other nonprofit organizations in the FFDW community, offer meetups for the Filecoin and broader blockchain and web3 community, and organize blockchain educational events.

Government Trainings

The Center is educating lawmakers, policymakers, and policy enforcers about legal issues arising in the development of blockchain technology and its potential for social impact.

Web3 Industry Leader Workshops

The Center is taking advantage of our amazing location in the middle of San Francisco by bringing influential blockchain law practitioners to the BL4SG community for events, guest lectures, and other events.

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