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Legislative debate around blockchain and cryptocurrency in the summer of 2021 revealed a problem: lawmakers did not understand blockchain technology and its potential for social impact. Lawmakers should understand that blockchain technology can be beneficial in areas beyond cryptocurrency. Indeed, blockchain use cases are already changing a wide range of industries, from digital identities for refugees to sustainable reuse of recycled fabrics.

BL4SG offers the first cohesive approach to training lawyers, lawmakers, and other members of our community about the numerous socially beneficial use cases of blockchain technology. On average, the Center hosts workshops for one to three government offices per quarter, offering neutral, academic-style training tailored to the needs of the office.

Training and Research Partnerships:
National Association for Attorneys General
CA Department of Financial Tech Innovation
Executive Staff of the CA State Controller’s Office
CA Department of Motor Vehicles

Additional relationships are in the pipeline.

Our Partners for this Work

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