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April 17 + 24 2023

Blockchain Law Symposium

USF School of Law's Blockchain Technology and the Law course, taught by Professor Michele Neitz, culminates in a school-wide Blockchain Law Symposium that is hosted by the Center. This Symposium educates the broader law school community about blockchain technology and its use cases. 

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February 14 ⏤ 2023

Can you be Accidentally Liable? The Future of DAO Liability and Regulation

As Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are exploding in number, legal and policy issues around these new entities remain unresolved. How can developers create DAOs while ensuring they will not be personally liable for the DAO's activities? What direction will policymakers and regulators take regarding DAOs in the wake of crypto scandals?


October 31 ⏤ 2022

What is the Future of Blockchain Regulation?

The first Algorand Speakers’ Series event at the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center features Sheila Warren, the inaugural CEO at the Crypto Council for Innovation. Join us to hear Sheila’s unique perspective on current legislative efforts and her predictions for the future of blockchain law!


October 20 ⏤ 2023

The Algorand Foundation Blockchain Law for Social Good Conference

Join the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center as we welcome legal professionals, regulators, and other key blockchain stakeholders. We will discuss legal issues facing this emerging technology and the state of socially- beneficial blockchain projects in California and around the world.

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