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01. BL4SG Annual Conference

Every year we host a Blockchain Law for Social Good Conference, in partnership with FFDW. This meeting convenes advocates, lawyers, policymakers, educators, creators, business leaders, scholars and builders from across diverse domains in an effort to cross-pollinate ideas, facilitate productive dialogue and encourage real-time ideation on agenda setting topics related to sustainability, human rights and policy, to name but a few.

02. Blockchain Education

Providing accessible education is a significant pillar of the Center's work. Through blockchain focused courses such as 'Blockchain Technology and the Law, as well as (forthcoming) DeFi and the Law, we explain the foundations of blockchain technology, its relationship to law and its potential for social impact.

03. Corporate Trainings

Business leaders are interested in the ways in which blockchain technology can be a force multiplier for good, but also desire to learn about the risks as well. The Center offers balanced, academic style trainings to organizations that are curious to learn about blockchain's application to their respective domains.

04. Educator Trainings

We offer the first of its kind teaching program for educators from community colleges, professional services and secondary education about blockchain technology's social good use-cases. This program is structred as a "train-the-trainer" opportunity that also introduces a variety of pedagogical design tools related to blockchain education.

05. Government Trainings

The Center provides education and training for lawmakers, policymakers and policy enforcers at the federal, state and local level about legal issues arising in the development of blockchain technology, as well as its socially beneficial use-cases. 

06. Teaching Fellows Program

Funded by FFDW, the Center collaborates with Fellows from USF Law and other academic institutions, who provide a dynamic and multidisciplinary perspective to the expansion of our initiatives, scholarship and impact.

07. Blockchain Academy Lab

This Lab is FFDW-funded and aims to prepare the next cohort of blockchain experts in legal education, who will communicate the benefits of open, decentralized technologies for future generations of law students.

08. International Affiliated Scholars Program

The International Affiliated Scholars program is a FFDW- funded platform focused on scaling the Center’s mission, purpose and impact across the globe. Scholars bring blockchain law and technology subject matter expertise that builds narratives and scholarship, pushes our initiatives into action, and brings a global perspective to the Center’s research verticals. 

09. Web3 Industry Leader Workshops

The Center leverages its location in San Francisco to bring together influential blockchain law practitioners, city government officials and leaders from the blockchain industry at our events, guest lectures and other convenings. Our goal is to spur dialogue, collaboration and cross-industry understanding.










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